Sunday, February 24, 2008

Paul's 8th Birthday

We celebrated Paul's birthday today with family. He already had is friend birthday fun two weeks ago. Today we spent the day in Holton and had a fabulous lunch and good time with family.

Paul likes to hear his birth story on his birthday and we're more than happy to oblige. I still remember that day eight years ago like it was yesterday.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

Tonight was Blue and Gold. We celebrated the scouts receiving their achievement badges. Paul earned his Wolf badge and our pirate ship made for a good photo op. Some of the older boys graduated tonight from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts and had a special crossover ceremony. It was awesome to watch.

There was also a special thank you presentation from some National Guard troops to whom we had sent care packages while in Iraq this year and last year. They were very appreciative of all the goodies they received and showed us some video and photos they had taken there.

We also had a cake contest and auction. Paul and Troy made a derby car cake. One of the rules of the cake contest is that No Females Can Help. That's a tough rule but allows the boys and men some quality time in the kitchen. Another rule is that everything on the cake has to edible. Paul and Troy won an award for most creative.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Yuckiness

Katie was complaining about not feeling well and not wanting to go to school yesterday morning. We thought it was just the usual "morining Katie" but it turns out she was really sick. The school called around 11 and I headed from KC to pick her up. She did indeed look sick so I took her to the Dr's and she has strep which Paul had last week. Later that night Matthew was complaining about a tummy ache and wanted to lay down in our bed. I was exhausted so said sure and he came and snuggled with me. About an hour later he threw up all over our bed. He threw up every half an hour all night long. Today Katie, Matthew, Troy and I are all sick and Paul is lucky enough to get to leave us and go to school.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Missing Tooth

The Tooth Fairy was so moved by Katie's note and drawing that she left some change and nice note even though there was no tooth.

Note to the Towth Faree

Katie lost her tooth yesterday at school and really LOST it. So she decided to write the Tooth Fairy a note. Here it is in her own words. On the back of the note is a pic of her and the Tooth Fairy holding hands. Too cute! And yes, I really am up at 3 a.m. writing a response. Note to self: Don't go to Starbucks at 7 p.m.
To the towth faree:
From Katie:
"Dear towth Faree, i have lost a towth at scool yestday. i didit find it."

Monday, February 18, 2008

President Day Project

Paul and I began building our pirate ship for the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet today. We made a lot of progress but didn't quite get it finished. It was fun and we'll post more pics when finished.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just What We Need

Ahh, more snow. We got another few inches last night/this morning. It's a really heavy wet snow that is making a big mess. The big kids and I got stuck in the driveway on the way to Mass this morning. Troy tried to tow us out but even that didn't work. About an hour later we lost electricity. It was out for most of the day.

Katie and Matthew seemed to enjoy playing in snow but as you can see from the pics, Paul is ready for spring.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Home Sick

Paul stayed home sick again today. Troy took him to the drs. yesterday and found out he has strep. This is his third day home and he's definitely on the mend but not 100% yet.

No More Stitches

Matthew got his stitches out yesterday. It went really fast and he did great. He was sad to miss Josh (the entertaining ER attendant) from last week but never cried or fussed. We celebrated by going to McDonald's after.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines's Day!

We were very crafty this Valentine's. Paul and Katie made their Valentines to hand out and we all made these heart crayons to give out on Valentine's Day. They were super easy and something besides candy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Off to School

Here's a pic of Katie getting ready to leave for school. She's usually the last one out the door but today she was ready to go first!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's a Miracle!

Matthew put some weight on his foot tonight and started walking. We were so happy for him and he was really pleased with himself too!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Monster Jam 2008

For Paul's 8th birthday we went to a Monster Truck rally at the Sprint Center with two of his buddies. They seemed to be impressed and enjoyed the show as much as each other. They giggled and laughed for most of the evening.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Six More Weeks of Winter

Let me start by saying my kids love snow. They enjoy the usual sledding, snowball fights, making snowmen and snow angels, etc. The first couple of snows this year they woke up and ran to the windows full of excitement and awe. They could hardly wait to bundled up and go outside to play. There has been no shortage of opportunities to do just that. We have had more than our fair share of snow days; I believe we're up to six. Anyhoo, this is what we woke up to Wednesday, five inches of blowing snow. Paul's reaction when he saw it was, "Ahh, man". No one rushed to go play in it, I don't think Katie ever did and of course Matthew couldn't because he still won't put any weight on his foot. I think they are all ready for spring. We had a high of 67 just two days ago and they were loving that. Unfortunately that was a big tease and Mother Nature harshly reminded us that it's only early February and there's still plenty more winter left.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Doing Better Each Day

Matthew's doing a bit better each day. He's still not putting any weight on his foot but crawling all over the house. Today I stayed home as planned and we had some fun. We made playdoh, played games and created some art masterpieces. The big kids got out of school early because the rain was supposed to turn to ice but that never happened.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Update on Matthew

Matthew did better today. He still can't put any weight on his foot but was able to get around more on his own by crawling and playing on the floor. Troy stayed home with him today and I'm going to stay home tomorrow.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Living Room Wrestling

Who doesn't enjoy a round of living room wrestling? Well, yesterday's match got a little out of hand when Matthew decided to stage dive off the couch onto the pillows and family below. He bounced off his dad and onto a piece of firewood with a sharp edge that cut his foot. Believe or not he was being supervised by both parents and came up with that illegal move instantly on his own. His cut was pretty deep so we cleaned and dressed it and we all headed to Lawrence. Unfortunately it was about 7:00 on a Sat night so no Urgent Cares were open. The ER folks were great but the little guy was still scared and his foot hurt.

As some as you might know he is not the best patient and not a fan of blood, especially seeing his own. A couple of times he said he didn't want to die and asked if we'd miss if him died. We kept reassuring him he wasn't going to die. Otherwise he did pretty well and ended up with seven stitches, a glove balloon, a grape popsicle and a tough lesson about jumping off the furniture.

Today he can't put any weight on his foot and is living the life of a couch potato. He's watching movies, playing the Wii, reading stories with mom and blowing his whistle when he needs something. He accidentally put some weight on it earlier and it started to bleed pretty good which freaked him out a bit. He's doing pretty well though and his spirits have been good.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Bullpup Day

Today was Paul's Bullpup day. He got to read the announcements and lead the Pledge of Allegiance for the entire school. The Bullpup also gets to bring their favorite things from home to put in the main display at school. Paul chose to bring things like his cool Lego Technic loader Uncle Mark got him for Christmas, the unstoppable R/C car from Poppy and Granny, his winning Derby car from last year, a trophy, trucks and pics. Troy, Matthew and I went up to school to have lunch with him too. We got to sit at the special table and eat with two of his best buds.