Sunday, February 03, 2008

Living Room Wrestling

Who doesn't enjoy a round of living room wrestling? Well, yesterday's match got a little out of hand when Matthew decided to stage dive off the couch onto the pillows and family below. He bounced off his dad and onto a piece of firewood with a sharp edge that cut his foot. Believe or not he was being supervised by both parents and came up with that illegal move instantly on his own. His cut was pretty deep so we cleaned and dressed it and we all headed to Lawrence. Unfortunately it was about 7:00 on a Sat night so no Urgent Cares were open. The ER folks were great but the little guy was still scared and his foot hurt.

As some as you might know he is not the best patient and not a fan of blood, especially seeing his own. A couple of times he said he didn't want to die and asked if we'd miss if him died. We kept reassuring him he wasn't going to die. Otherwise he did pretty well and ended up with seven stitches, a glove balloon, a grape popsicle and a tough lesson about jumping off the furniture.

Today he can't put any weight on his foot and is living the life of a couch potato. He's watching movies, playing the Wii, reading stories with mom and blowing his whistle when he needs something. He accidentally put some weight on it earlier and it started to bleed pretty good which freaked him out a bit. He's doing pretty well though and his spirits have been good.


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