First Day of School ~ Aug. 17, 2005

Paul started Kindergarten last week. His 1st day went great. He was sad to see us go but forgot about us immediately. He seems to really like his teacher, she looks like a sweet grandma. He cut, colored, glued and had three recesses. He gets very excited when talking about all the fun things he did that day. He also said he learned to read that first day. Wow, what a school! He's been riding the bus/van home and that has been going really well.

Katie just LOVES her class. She is more than excited. She couldn't care any less when we leave her. She is a peer-model in a Early Childhood program through the school district. It keeps her busy for half the day and the best thing is it's free! Since she's only 3 she can do it again next year if we want.

We've started discussing Halloween costumes and guess what she wants to be for Halloween. It switches between a princess and Darth Vader. Isn't that funny?

Matthew is great. He's growing and talking a lot. He and Katie weigh the same amount, ~34 pounds. For about a month he's been asking me "Why?" about everything. He says he wants to go outside and I say "Not right now" and he says "Why?" Or "I want a snack." and I say No. Isn't it kinda early to be questioning authority? I don't remember either of the other two asking me "why?" so early. Lately he's been practicing his escape artist techniques. He's run away from me at the mall and broken our front door escaping. He doesn't wander off either, he runs as fast as he can. It's quite unnerving.