Hawaii ~ March 7-17th 2005

Monday-The kids were great on the plane. It wasn't a full flight so we were able to spread out a bit. After we got settled in we had dinner at the McDonald's across from the beach and then played in the sand and water.

Tuesday-The beach down the street has a wall about a 100 feet out in the water that breaks the surf, the waves come in about as big as on a lake. It's great for the kids and was a perfect way to introduce Matthew to the ocean. When we were done at the beach we had lunch at Lulu's (in the old Denny's location) overlooking the beach.

Wednesday-We spent the day at the Hale Koa Hotel. The kids love the baby pool, park and beach; the grownups appreciate the nice restuarants and barefoot bar.

Thursday-We drove up to the North Shore today and went to the beach where the sea turtles come to bask in the sun. It was really cool. Besides the one sleeping on the beach there were about five right there in the surf. Down the road we also watched the surfers on the huge waves.

We had lunch from Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. It's cooked and served right from the truck and tasted awesome! It's a must do if you're up around the North Shore. We wrote Katie's name on the side of the truck.

Friday-Paul, my dad and I toured the USS Missouri. The size and strength of the gunpower was overwhelming. The 16 inch guns pictured first can fire 23 miles. We opted for the Captain's Tour which was practically a private tour. Our tour guide Bob led us and a couple from Minnesota around and we finished by watching the WWII surrender video in the Captain's private chambers while eating lunch.

Even though the Mighty Mo saw action from WWII to Desert Storm the only wartime fatality on the ship was this Kamikazi pilot. The older pic shows the Kamikazi plane right before it hit the deck.

Later that day we went to the Hale Koa pool and stayed to watch the fireworks over the ocean.

Saturday-It's raining today so we are forced to go shopping. Darn! The Incredibles is playing at the dollar theatre so we're planning on that too.