Hawaii ~ Nov. 24th - Dec. 2nd 2005

The kids LOVE these fish. We'll really miss them after Dad and J.D. move. We've fed them everyday.

We're having lots of fun! We've gone to the beach, pool and and Granddad and J.D.'s new pool. We had a mishap on the beach though. Paul got stung by a jellyfish! He wasn't in the water more than five minutes and only up to his ankles. The lifeguard applied to lotion and antiseptic and he was ok after a few minutes. After an hour it was completely gone.

Sunday: These pics were taken at the Hale Koa. The kids have a ball here and Dad's new place is within walking distance. .
We were going to see "Elf" (one of our favorite movies) on the beach tonight but it was canceled because it rained the night before and canceled last night's movie. Go figure! Luckily we had the DVD and watched it home. Tomorrow I think were doing the Bishop's Museum.

Monday: The Bishop's Museum was great for kids. They had many hands on displays. They had a Baby Dinsosaur traveling exhibit and the new Science Adventure Center which were very exciting.

The Science Adventure Center was three floors, consisting of the volcano level, looking down into the volcano and then under the sea and volcano.

Tuesday: Today we went for breakfast with the McDonalds' friends, then shopping, then to the beach with the wall. As usual, Katie made a new friend, Kirsten from California. We bumped into Kirsten a couple of times at the wall beach. While Katie was making a new friend, Paul and Matthew were being treated like celebrities by Japanese tourists.

Wednesday: We spent the whole day at the beach and pool. The kids were exhausted by the time we got home and Matthew even fell asleep at the dinner table. It was our quietest dinner yet!