Friday, July 11, 2008

Strep? No Way!

Katie had some trouble with her bottoms of her feet peeling last week. My internet diagnosis determined it could be from many different causes so I made an appointment for her to rule out a staph infection or anything too serious. Of course it had pretty much cleared up by the time the appt rolled around today but we're able to count this as her 6 year old checkup so not a totally worthless trip. The Dr. was as surprised as me to figure out that she had strep throat. And what was even more surprising is that Matthew (I mean, Dr. Jones), who is covered in poison ivy (unrelated), also has strep. They have no other symptoms like headache or fever just a red throat and foot peeling on Katie. We're taking it easy tonight and replanning our weekend since our plans previously included babysitting at the church and going to the new pool.


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