Monday, May 26, 2008

We Made It!

That flight from Dallas to Honululu just seems to get longer and longer. After blowing through most of our snacks and prizes I was discouraged to see we were only halfway to our destination. But we made it without any tears, tantrums or blood! We brought every techno gagder we own and that really helped a lot. Our flight was late getting into Dallas and so we almost missed our connection. We ran to our gate and just made it but we didn't have time to buy lunch at McDonald's like we usually do. That REALLY stunk because that left us the only option - to buy overpriced airline food that kids wouldn't eat anyway. So we spent $32 on two sandwiches, two bags of chips and three snack bags.

Paul and I were talking about our favorite things in/about Hawaii and one of them that we both love is the smell. We both took a deep breath when we got off the airplane and had a big sigh of relief that we finally made it.

It was so great to see Granddad and JD when we landed. They had balloons for the kids and a birthday cake for Matthew at home. After we got unpacked and settled we went swimming.


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