Christmas Eve 2004

Merry Christmas to you all! We had a very nice Christmas season that focussed on family. We had several Christmases over the span of the week which, as expected, the kids just loved. They were in stimulus overdrive but behaved very well. We began Christmas Eve at Granny and Poppy's and finished the Christmas week at Grandma and Grandpa Gary's. On Jan 2nd Katie announced Chirstmas was closed until next year.

Among tons of wonderful presents, Princess Katie shows off her new bling that she received from Uncle Rick and Auntie Ann.

Like a true child of the 21st century, Matthew likes to stay connected. He loves to talk on the phone and we're never sure who he's talking to. He's quite a chatterbox and his vocabulary has really exploded. We've given up counting his words now. One of his favorite sayings is "Nudda nana peas", (Another banana please)

We all enjoyed spending Christmas with Mary T. Even though we only get to see her once or twice a year the kids acted like it had only been yesterday. It will only be about two months between visits this year since she'll be flying with to Hawaii in March.

To say Katie is an animal lover is such an understatement. She treats them like her babies and is very tender and sweet with them. Here's a puppy that anyone can't help but love. Oliver is Colton's Christmas present and what a cutie! He's giving Katie some Puppy kisses.

The kids are lucky to have such great cousins and LOVE spending time with them. Here Jordan and Matthew are laughing while Matthew is furiously riding Thunder.