Carnival Party ~ Oct 2007

For Katie's 6th Birthday she had a Carnival Birthday. It was lots of work but lots of fun planning. All the kids helped plan, paint and decorate for it. Troy made a couple of games and the hit of the party was the Lizard Launcher. No calls to PETA, it was a stuffed animal lizard catapulted into a big bucket. I can't believe we didn't get a pictures of it becuase it was great.

Some of the other games included a Ring Toss, Football throw, Duck Pond and Shooting Gallery. The tatoo parlor and photo op were also popular. The birthday girl had a great time and her guests seemed to as well.

Many thanks to whole family and even some neighbors for helping out with setup and games. I think every kid should have a great birthday party that stands out in their memory and hope this is the one for Katie.