Halloween ~ Oct 2007

Halloween isn't a one day holiday like it is was when we were kids. This year we attended several parties, Boo at the Zoo, costume parades, and trick-or-treating over a span of about a week. It was lots of fun but kind of wore us out. I'm so glad it's over!

We first attended the PTO School Carnival and costume parade. I worked most of it at one of the games while the kids went around with Troy and kept bringing me back their loot to keep track of. The kids were dressed as a cowboy, pirate and Top Gun pilot and I was Cinderella. They had a ball and Matthew and Katie won first and second place in the costume contest. Matthew zoomed around the gym in the airplane we made out of a box. He and I painted and decorated it and Troy secured the wings, propellar and straps.

They played games, won lots of candies, cakes and prizes and came home with more fish. Of the four fish they won last year, one is still alive and three were replaced. This gives us a total of seven fish in one tank. Might be time for a larger tank.

After the Carnival we stopped by the lake party but we were a little late and got there as it was ending but not too late for more candy. It looked like the activities committee went all out and we were sorry we didn't get there sooner.

On Sunday we went to Boo at the Zoo. We saw a few animals, went through the haunted Pirate Ship, watched a show and of course got more candy. Matthew got to go on stage with Juggling Jeff and was very brave while Jeff juggled around him. Watch a short clip here.

Halloween day included school parties, a costume parade around town, another party and then trick or treating. After trick or treating a few houses Paul was ready to call it quits and said, "Come on guys, we've got plenty of candy. Let's go home."